First time building a wooden mansion


so after many pickaxes broken and trees chopped I finished this wooden mansion so the top part is the attic (bedroom storage room and art room) the limestone one is the kitchen (it’s gonna get a stove when I get one) the stone one is the room where I make ingots,weapon,armors,and things that I need Ingots too craft) the marble one is the one where I make things for building (pilars,stairs,more workbenches, things that have to do with clay and wood) the brick/glass one is the bathroom/hot tub also be sure to give me your opinion on it so that I can make it better (it’s probably not gonna get painted later on neac it looks kinda better without paint) I also got lucky and got the hat of fullness early :slight_smile:
Ps:also the shelfs in the attic are like a trophy show I put all of the pole items on it plus ice torches and ice armor (also some pretty expensive armors and a jet pack) also something about the bathroom is i used glass beacause in real life you’d rather have moonlighting or sunlight illuminate the room while your relaxing in a hot tub

My first time building a lighthouse on my single player world
My first time building a lighthouse on my single player world

Wow that looks amazing! Another great job by a great builder! :slight_smile:


Oh thank you I never considered Myself a builder but thanks you so much for the compliment :smiley:

A garden is the next thing I wanna make


Way better than mine, mine is about the same size but divided inside, not separate rooms out of a big one


Well i thought It would look a lot better if it wasn’t just rooms found in a big room and just separated by a few blocks but if they were rooms that aren’t build in the big room and I wold also like to see your mansion @Dabeluga


Well the mansion probably took me a few hours to build since it’s vanilla a new world I created and I didn’t have any trade portal but when I’m building a structure I am fully dedicated to it and almost forget I’m just passing hours building it I am also fully guilty of blockheads abuse sad isn’t it


My emoji house :house_with_garden: can’t even be called a house when you see this amazing mansion


Oh thanks maybe you could share a picture of that house I really like looking at other people’s builds


Lokking nice
Weldone :+1::+1::+1::relieved::relieved:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Cute, this kinda reminds me of a build I once made. I like it. :+1:t2: