Now I know am not crazy and am not lieing also, But I do remember seeing fish near kelp I got so excited I even showed my brother and i rushed home to see if u can create fishing rods in the game becosue i was wondering how to catch these, but I sow none, which disappointed me, but it was after I turn off and on my game is when I went back to the same spot and I only sow kelp no fish, this was after the new update, am I the only one that seen them? I really wish I took a screen shot then I could prove to you guys that I sow it in my game, now I look at change log of the new update and it said nothing about fish only kelp but its wierd becosue I know i sow them and if I knew they were never a part of the update I would of seriouly took screen shots, I know it sounds wierd but I cant be the only one that sow them after the new update?

I didn’t see any fish

Its kind of werid and am wondering why it showed in my game if that was some hidden object that the devs put but did not want it to be reviled now but later on with updates, seriouly i did sow them maybe it was a glich in my game but i really thought the update added a new mob wish i took a screen shot that time, but i thought everyone would be seeing it as a part of the new update.

Its fine tho just made this trend to see if am the only one that spotted them with the new update or not.

I think it was a figment of your imagination.

Reflection to your devices screen from some fish-like thing, possibly?

If it happens again, take a pic! You never know! :smiley:

I’m guessing it was an optical illusion but like Fizz said take a picture if you see it again!

Nope, I haven’t seen any fish, either.