Fishing for Milla!

Introducing a new mini-game of The Blockheads, Fishing for Milla!

Better get your fishing poles out, cuz it’s time to go fishing! In this new and exciting game, you just stand near her blockhead and cast you line, aiming the worm to land on her! Try standing in different places and landing your worm on her blockhead, or even have a competition with a friend to see who can land them on her from furthest away! So the next time you see that bunny avatar on a server, go fishing for Milla and see how many times you can catch her!


Where can I, JOIN THIS :glasses:

Any server that you happen to see Milla on! Just find her blockhead, get your poles ready and go fishing for her! Take a screenshot of you fishing for Milla and post it here.

Will do!

This could get really weird.


ha ha ha ha… This is going to get very tricky 'cause FIRST, you gotta FIND Milla!! ha ha ha Good game activity though.

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Maybe that’s why you don’t see Milla as often?

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Did you actually get milla to join? Where does she roam or what servers does she go in?

I saw like that similar place from Skylands Arena but I don’t remember where that placed left or right and how Tc far sorry it’s been the year.

This is so funny, grabs fishing pole okie, now what?

What bait should it be?

Maybe hackers? Just a guess :confused:

Itz a woooooooorm.

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No, it’s a script kiddie!

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What’s the server name


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