Fishing from a boat

For some reason I only just realized you can do this today😂


I think you can also fish while meditating, which is amusing to me


Typical statistician…always buried in the numbers and never out fishing.

FYI, you can also shoot animals while riding a donkey or unicorn or handcar. Put some fish in a barrel shaped block container and you could probably shoot them too.

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You can shoot animals with a bow while riding a handcar in midair? :exploding_head:


Well I was today’s years old when I found this out

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I’m pretty sure we all were lol, I never bothered to try any of these :confused:

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I don’t think I’ve ever fished without a boat.


Wow I never knew that, also if you just cast your fishing rod thing and leave it there you can walk or fly without turning around.

Every day that I learn a new thing about blockheads is a good day :laughing:
I think I just learned six new things :champagne: :champagne:

The ultimate blockheads trickshot.

HAHA. We need like a Dude Perfect type of youtube channel for blockheads. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: