Fix the FOG OF WAR problem


If you don’t know what FOG OF WAR is, it is the stuff that you need to discover on land that is black. but since 1.7 it has been a little broken sort of like this example.

If it could be fixed sometime in the future i would like that :slight_smile:

iPad air, iOS 12.1 (The Blockheads 1.7.2)


I agree that this does need to be fixed.

PS: When was it named that? I just remember it as fog. Sounds cool.


Black sand?


I would really like the black fog fixed too. It interferes with riding on a handcart, boat or donkey, and flying a jet pack or unicorn. Even if you have previous explored the area the blackness doesn’t clear as you are moving. Many times connection issues happen while you are riding or flying. It is not just you experiencing the connection issues, but everyone on the server.
It makes looking back around at where you have been a problem because the fog takes too long to lift. As you zoom in and out of an area it takes a lot longer than it should to load. Many times the server will disconnect when you zoom in or out of an area.
It makes finding players a problem while working as an admin. You can no longer tap on a player’s avatar and zoom to their location because the fog interferes. I experience a lot of the server disconnects while trying to zoom to a player’s location to help them with ownership signs.