Fix to worlds converting to custom or expert


There is this really annoying bug that can sometimes get you out of nowhere.

How it happens is if you join a world and leave at just the right time your SP becomes corrupted and if custom you may not be able to get items back.

There needs to be a fix for this issue.


I can’t replicate sry…


It has to do with losing connection while joining a multiplayer world. If a single player world is the last world on your spinner it has a chance of becoming corrupt.
If the multiplayer world you are joining is a custom world the survival single player world can be corrupted to a custom world.
It can also change the size of your single player world. If the multiplayer world you are trying to join is a 16x world there is a possibility that your single player world will also become a 16x world. This can be too much data for many devices and may make the world unplayable. It will also use up your available data.
There is also a possibility that there could be copied buildings and items from the multiplayer world not owned by you.
There is a simple safety measure that some of us have been taking to protect our storage worlds from this issue. We have an undeveloped single player world that we join between our storage worlds and joining any multiplayer worlds.


Yeah, let’s hope there is a fix.