Rabbit hole has bad staff maybe you guys can fix that, they are rude and my post got hidden because people don’t like the truth it’s a messy server anyways

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Well when I went there, they were rude

Out of curiosity, how were they rude?

Because I was asking what’s the point in the server (meaning) what do I do in this sever, and they ignored me and I was asking other things and they just replied “a server” and then I left and they were admins to

It’s the oldest server, what do you expect? When the servers opened, there were no ownership signs to protect houses. Usually many players wanted to grief spawn, houses, and since items have no ownership other players can remove stuff like beds, portals, etc. Which explains why the server’s spawn has water and steel to preserve the old spawn, and many old houses are steel because remember: there were no ownership signs. Steel was used since it was the strongest material at the time.


Also as you say the the admins weren’t talking it was most likely bc they were afk mining and or building you can’t say it’s awful after one visit


So true, aj! I don’t notice chat when I’m busy on a project. If I remember, I put AFK in the chat, but I don’t always remember to do so. RH is the most amazing server ever! The pixel art is worth your time it takes to go around the world to look at it. And that’s only the surface art!

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Most servers you just build and meet new people if there is another point to the server they will most likely state it in the welcome page. For example rp servers or pvp servers.

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Could you elaborate a little bit?

Its not that we don’t like the truth, it’s because you could’ve said your message better.


I’ll have a talk with my staff. I’m the owner of Rabbithole, by the way. It’s usually preferable to send a direct/private message to the owner if you can identify that person.

Having said that, we just had a catastrophe on the server and lost 3 weeks of effort. The admins are all frantically rebuilding stuff. It’s not always the job of the staff to be welcoming. We don’t hand out starter kits or assign pods or anything. They are there to police the world and keep it free of hackers, vulgar players and other rule breakers.

On any server, read the welcome page and then have a GOOD look around before you judge it, especially publicly. Yes it’s a bit “messy” in places because any 6 year old free build server will get like that. I don’t regulate what or how people build, except to keep the tracks operational. There are wonders that might astound you in far flung places. To note, it has an exceptional amusement part style ride, and at least 4 handcar parks, 2 hotels, 1 ski resort, 1 underwater city, 2-3 cathedrals, 1 death star, 2 palaces, and more pixel art than you can shake a stick at.

Give it another chance.


It’s a pity you obviously had a bad experience. But try to see the situation from the point of view of staff. I am not on Rabbit Hole but it is almost the same procedere on any busy server: lot of players join, but 70 or 80 % of them will immediately leave and never come back after an initial post in chat. Most of them have already left before I can even type a reply. So honestly I don’t even bother to answer those who come on like “wow this server is a mess”, “do I really have to do a maze” or “what’s the point of this server”. Whoever says hello and asks a polite question (and allows me some time to type :slightly_smiling_face:) will get a helpful response.
Having said that, players and staff might be afk. Or just busy. When a server has lost a lot of stuff after a rollback or a serious attack admins will typically be working very hard - as Jemni explained above. Bad luck if you join during such a time and try to get their attention. Some owners will even whitelist the server during such a period to avoid distractions.


Still no excuse they have admins on that server and then they should clean and not be lazy I ran 3 servers one time and it was easy, it’s not that hard to clean.

But I wanted to say everything

First of all, I was being polite in that server I was using manners and I was giving time to talk, and when they never said anything I leftovers, and they weren’t afk because they were all talking.


Its a 6 year old server adn its 16x16 what did u espect

And you cant call them lazy bc the server has steel blocks its hard to clean up

Jemni has explained they are not cleaning up but rebuilding all the stuff they did during the last three weeks.

I will give it another chance. Because I really want to be on that server. And I do understand I should have pm you about the situation and that’s my fault, also I don’t expect for my feet to be kissed or to be praised upon, I just was asking questions and they were ignoring and one of the admins gave a sarcastic reply saying (a server) when I said what do I do here? I just wanted to know that because your server does seem fun and I would love to check it out! I just wanted a little of respect

I mean what is this server then she said a server

Who is “she” there are multiple female admins

It was not a she, it was a he, and they were a temporary admin and have gone back to being a mod. I also spoke to them privately.

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I remember some time ago someone joined another server with the exact same wording “what’s the point in this server?” While you might think it means “what do I do?” most players understood it to be rude and mean “why does this server even exist?”