Fixing unbreakable blocks & other problems


With the release of 1.7, fixing problems in your cloud world is really easy!

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  1. Type /repair in chat, this will put you into repair mode.

  2. Click on a block, a red outline will be shown on the block

    (Image credit: Everything that’s in 1.7 - MFS)

  3. Click the block again, it will be restored to it’s original, generated, state. Any benches, chests, or shelves on the block will pop off as if you removed them with no inventory space.

  4. Once you are done, type /repair in chat to exit repair mode.

Important: There is no undo feature!! Once you repair a block, it is gone forever.

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Awesome tips , will pass people to this thread if they have any these issues


@vyyv @isa<3 @asyc

@bibliophile awesome tips!!! thank you so much! [emoji106]🏻[emoji106]🏻[emoji106]🏻


@skeeve maybe these fixes can help?


I can’t read it cause of the spoilers, they won’t load on my phone ;(


If you can’t access a computer, you can read through the spoilers by quoting Bib’s post. The spoilers will become text.


This helped A LOT! Thank you sooo much! :wink:


thanks for the heads up Maldit… great tips of which I am off to see if I can be rid of some on my world… unremoveable ice block and workbenches…


Thanks Mal for pointing this thread out and thanks Bibliophile for sharing this info.

Regarding the Portal fix, is there any method for removing the top part of the portal when the base is missing?


The sign trick doesn’t work in the new update… :frowning:


Was really useful for the time. I think placing steam generators near unbreakbel ice will clear it up.


New technique discovered to remove glitched benches and other block corruption caused by hackers or lag. In my opinion this works better than the sign and ice technique which had more steps and often left a bench hopelessly stuck. I tried this on benches where the ice trick had been tried and failed and this worked great!


The first image shows a corrupt space where a block can’t be placed, colored green. But this works on many other problem type squares.

Place an elevator shaft directly under the problem space.

Next place a wooden door on that elevator space.

Then remove the door using the bottom block. The corrupted space will return to normal after the door is removed. If on the odd chance the door cannot be broken. Try the sign trick that Bibliophile suggests for ice in the original post. That should allow the door to be broken.

here shows that I can now place a block where I couldn’t before. YAY!!! :cheerful:


The railroad tracks are also important. The trick will not work without them. It also will not work on the corrupted benches that freeze up with ice. Thanks for discovering this very useful tool to keep our servers looking nice!


Thank you very much for the door trick :slight_smile: it works wonders.


The railroad tracks? Those aren’t necessary at all actually. They were just in my image because my glitches were on a subway line.


This technique works on glitched portals (portals without their top) and invisible blocks as well. Thanks to Duckwalkeduptoa for teaching me the technique and Jemni for posting it.


This is excellent news. I come across corrupt squares quite often where objects cannot be placed.
I wonder if that old square at the Grand Imperial Palace on SGE can be fixed this way. It’s a corrupt square that has existed there since about May 2014! We built the new palace around it so it’s not noticeable, but it really threatened to tip my OCD off the scales :lol:


The placing an elevator shaft and door also gets rid of ghost blocks… The one’s that show up when u zoom out. My spawn area had lots before I read this very handy tip… Thanks muchly. Before n after shots…


I was hacked today, and I was trying to find this!
Bookmarked :slight_smile:
Thank you for another good really useful post, Bibliophile


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If you come across something you cannot remove, please reply (with a world name / location of course) and I will try to take a look at it to see if I can figure out how to remove it.