Fixing unbreakable blocks & other problems


That’s why there is VPN.


You can make it a bit harder can’t you @H4CK3R


I’m just saying that bans are useless. Not liek I’m gonna do anything.


I feel like I should do something right now other then argue to you, plus we’re getting off topic.

I’m pretty sure there’s a vpn ban.


A vpn gives you a random unused IP address, I don’t know if it’s possible to. I use one to get around school restrictions (wargaming .net). There’s still a device ban, I don’t think there’s another way around that unless you have another device.


While this might help some people, I don’t want to promote the blatant hacking in it. Sure, no harm in a lot of it, but the line of tc blocks? Umm… no.


I asked @milla about this issue and she said it was fine as long as he didn’t discuss how to create those.


I am going to wait for a public post on that before doing anything as that goes against some of her previous statements, mainly (emphasis mine):

In my experience showing stuff like that off directly leads to people asking about it, which leads to them breaking the rules.


Joe was talking that Bibliophile wanted to fix the “Fish Overflow” at the North Pole of Blokonomy - may I ask, @Bibliophile, how you intended to do this? Is this a Mac server only thing, or does that work anywhere?


I would really like to know this too. I have a similar problem on my server.


Yes, I am only able to do things like that in Mac servers / SP worlds.

I am fairly familiar with how worlds are stored and I was just going to remove all entities near the North Pole.


So removing all the animals that spawn near the North Pole will help this issue clear up? Or do we need to make sure no blockheads inhabit the North Pole also?


Animals should be all that’s needed. I’ve never seen lots of blockheads cause trouble.


Thanks for posting this, @Bibliophile .


Thanks! This was really helpful, such as a few servers I play always get hacked.


Platypus1234 how you put YouTube video
And do u know how to out YouTube video on welcome massage:sweat_smile:


How to put YouTube on welcome massage


If you are talking about linking YouTube videos, all you have to do is copy the URL with Ctrl+C and then paste it wherever you’d like with Ctrl+V. I’m not so sure this works on welcome messages though.
Next time, please don’t double post within an hour, as you can always edit your first post, and please private message me or create a new thread, as to avoid posting on an entirely different topic. :slight_smile:


Thank you and ok


Is there any way to clear stacked portal ,stacked chest and floating-layer of snow?