Flagging posts as spam

Note that flagging a post as spam is a completely different thing from a custom flag, flagging something as inappropriate, etc.The spam flag is for those who register in order to spam advertisements. It gives me different options. If someone who isn’t advertising is spamming the forums with rubbish or the same thing over and over make it a custom flag or something else. It’s not spam by the definition of this forums software :slight_smile:


Jeez, just more flags to attend to for you. Cmon guys, let’s make Milla’s job easier. :slight_smile:

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Yeah! Let’s help her!

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You bet. Anything sexual is a 100% flag.

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Thanks for this milla. I would have never known the diffrence if you didn’t post this. :slight_smile:


We can call it the rubbish flag.



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Spam = Advertisements.

Custom flag = Type in “Spamming messages”.

Is that right?


I believe so. :smiley:

Yes, definitely. I have some help from the veteran beta testers in this respect. I gave them a forum to put problem threads until I can get to them :slight_smile:

@KP7: I didn’t realise it until someone flagged a post as spam :slight_smile:

@Santeeisweird9_real: Exactly :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that spam is a very specific category of posts. Flagging a post you consider pointless as spam is incorrect. Do a custom flag for those. Spam is advertising of commercial goods and services.