Flaw about "forget world"

So… yesterday, I accidentally deleted my best single-player offline world… It was awful. I thought deleting the online version of the game would have no effect (I played with my brother via local server), but my offline world got deleted as well… :cry:
Too bad and I’m not expecting to try to get it restored somehow. I had a ruby level portal and trade portal and I had a diamond. I had a huge dodo, yak, and donkey farm, but ofc it got deleted…
So I started a new private online world using a Mac Server. Hopefully, that’ll prevent me from losing my entire world. :smiley:
Enough of me, what’s the most regretful decision you made in the game? It doesn’t have to be like extreme unless that is the most regretful thing you’ve done.
Oh, and a question, is it possible to make an offline world into a Mac server??

Edit: I changed the title since all the replies looked to be more focused on the “forget world” part of the post.

Back in 2016, I discovered that if you host your single player world on Local Network it will give you the option to “forget” that world, but what actually happens when you click “forget” is that you are deleting it instead.

This is exactly what happened and I deleted my SP world. Fortunately it was one I hadn’t invested too much time in, but it was a huge valuable lesson which I have never forgotten since!


Next time this happens, @agentpinkdog and I will help you make a replica of your server :wink:


I wish there was extra clarification (in the game) that “forget” actually deletes your world.


I didn’t think forget was there any more. I thought it just says delete now.

It still says “forget world.” :slight_smile: At least on iOS 13.something.

That is odd. It says DELETE WORLD for me on the host device. On the client device is says FORGET WORLD.

I think they are talking about forget world on client deleting it on host? That doesn’t make sense to me though.

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Client shouldn’t be able to write to host, even when connected to it. Host will write to storage as per client activity only while connected, and only in-world.

So my iPhone has the host world and my iPad has the client world. They are under the same game center username. So on my iPhone, both the client and host world appear. On my iPad only the client world appears. I thought the client world on my iPhone will forget the world for my iPad which is what I wanted. What ended up happening was it deleted the host world as well.

Well, now you know better! Note that the only reason the client connection showed up on your iPhone is because the devices are both on one account.

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