Flower (game)


Make a flower and you can say what you do to it and say what happens.
No destroying the flower


destroys flower


flower comes back alive


flower grows so tiny that it can’t be seen.


It multiplies so much that it can be seen


I eat flower


The flower gets )((#$ out.


The flower turns into a poofy cat and starts purring so loud people thought an earthquake was occuring :slight_smile:


The flower grows a bit taller.


You mean the cat.
The flower grows a lot taller.


The flower then burns.


The flower turns blue. That’s me!


Then it turns orange :smiling_imp:


Then it becomes a potato! A deadly potato at that! @DeadlyPotato Just kidding guys. I water it and it somehow magically turns into solid gold?


The flower turns into a cat.
Kitten. I mean, kiddin’. The flower grew feet and started walking around! :eek:


Flower grows wings


Flower gets angel vip at my Server which is a million tc


I cut the flower with magic :scissors:️ and destroy the pot :slight_smile:

I throw a block on the flower and trim a leaf off.


The smashed leaves and the cut leave get squished by the block and grow into seperate flowers, but all of them except one die.

I paint the survivor flower with TC!


Then it teleported to the ocean