Fog of War keeps reappearing


Hello! I don’t know if anyone would remember me, but I’m back again. :slight_smile: I abandoned the game on my old tablet because the fear of it glitching again was nerve-wracking, but eventually got bitten by the Blockheads bug and downloaded a fresh start on a newer device. Everything was going quite well for about a week or two, give or take an odd crash near lava that only happened once, until I started to circumnaviage the world in search of golden chests. Then this happened.

The Fog of War (I think it’s called?) glitched into areas I’d already sailed through. I turned around and cleared it again, but it came back as soon as I looked. It also affected some land:

A zoom in on the sea:

I restarted the device, but it still looks like this. Thankfully this glitch or bug isn’t affecting the whole world, just in certain points. But I’m worried if it will spread, or possibly cause issues.

The world is a regular-sized single player survival, the one generated the first time you open the game. The version of Blockheads is 1.7.3. No hacks/duping or anything like that. The device I am experiencing this issue on is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, running on version 7.0. It’s not jailbroken, and has plenty of space.

There was no noticable lag at the time I was passing through the affected areas.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or information on how to prevent it happening? I don’t want everything to become a corrupted mess like last time. :sob:

Many sincere thanks in advance.


Usually it was caused by lag (usually in slow devices) when the blockhead is riding a boat in the unexplored places.This is not corruption(usually)and happens on ios too.

btw nice bh name for Hatsune Miku xD

EDIT:It should be fine,waiting for the unexplored places to load can help


They said it was a newer device.


It’s not new…


It’s not? I’m very behind on those sorts of things, haha. :blush: We only got it a year ago.

Edit: @Zen How long do you think I should wait? When I go to re-explore the areas, the fog reappears when I zoom out. Would slowly inching across a couple blocks at a time help it stay loaded? Very relieved that it’s not corruption. :slight_smile:


It isn’t a new thing for me in cloud/multiplayer servers, as a owner if a admin/common people explore the world I usually find those odd gaps but it will be crystal clear when I explore what they explored…
In this case you are on private server and this haven’t had happened to me in a private server till now.


like don’t go smashing on the black part lol or wait then ur bh can see its surroundings

Hey,its still newer and faster then mine,mine won’t even load smoothly and crash like crazy xD


This happens to me a lot when I’m dropping without a jetpack to explore or something. It’s usually caused by a lag spike and then my device getting back to normal.


I’ll try to clear it tomorrow that way and see what happens. Thank you both for your help! :smiley: I really appreciate it!