Following Pets/Companions

I think that if you could tame a Drop Bear or a Dodo Bird… you might need to craft really
special items. The Drop Bear will kill enemies for your, and the dodo bird will shoot feathers at enemies for you.

Drop Bear Tame Food: Apple Cinnamon Pie
Crafting Recipe: 3 Apples, 1 Pinecone, and 1 tin Foil

Dodo Bird Tame Food: Corn and sunflower seed Meal
20 sunflower seeds ,5 corn, 15 flax seeds, Titanium Helmet, and 20 roasted Coffee beans.

Sometimes you have to feed your Drop Bear Raw dodo meat (Fills up whole Health) or an Apple (Fills up a half)
it will fill up it’s energy, Happiness , and Hunger.

A way to feed your Dodo Bird is you have to feed it flax seeds, Sunflower seeds (Fills up half of the hunger),
Corn (Same thing as the sunflower seeds), or a Roasted Coffee Bean (Fills up energy and fills a little Hunger).

You could also Dye your Drop Bear and Dodo Bird a Different Color using Pigments. you could use 1 Pigment.

Or you could also let your Dodo Bird wear different type of Dodo Containers.
It could be the Leather Pack (6 Leather, 2 tin ingots (makes it sealed), and 1 linen.). You could also dye the Pack with 3 pigments. It could hold 10 Items.

Or the the Boot (4 string, Leather boots or Fur Boots, and one leather (seals the container).
It could only hold 3 Items.

You could also let your drop bear hold a Drop Stinger (One Flint Spear, one leather, and 4 strings).

All this typing makes me want to eat a whole Turkey :P.

Or a Whole Coconut!

My Advice: Gotta WOOHOO!!!


I wanna add to this: we should be able to put clothes on them.

I do not think so…:thinking:

Perhaps the scorpion should shoot something rather than the dodo bird? That would make a little more sense.

Good Idea. But i do not think that the scorpion does not eat any of the food that is around.
there is no insects or small mammals (like Mice) in the blockheads so i guess we should just leave the Scorpion alone.
Instead you could feed the dod bird a Coffee Cherry it’s range will be 10 times faster.

Ya,we should also have food,so we can feed our pets on the game.