Fonts & Font Color

Can we have our fonts changed, for our username. Like, we can change the font to anything we want. Also, change the color of our username I think it’ll be cool.

(Except blue or green, because they might act like admins or mods.)

if that happened some players could act as admins or mods even though they are not the pfp are good though

Maybe they could make it so those specific colors can’t be chosen?

colours that are very similar to those colours would also have to be made unavailable. since, for example, there isnt much difference between #0080ff (light blue) and #198cff (similar light blue)

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I find the purpose of a username is to easily identify anyone.

Red would also not be available because milla, dave, and asyc are supermods. Rather then having a jungle of colors in chat, I’m sure people would prefer a mod or admin to easily ben identifiable.

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