For Dave: Why are you silent on the matter of ‘Server Software for Linux’?


I really love the blockheads and really appreciate you developing it for us, but I really would like to know why you are being silent on the topic of the community requesting of you release a Linux version. The only thing I have seen of you discussing the matter is saying you have a Linux version which the cloud servers use but we’re concerned about us needing support for it if released. At least few people who have expressed that they would really benefit from such software have also shown they will accept a “use at your own risk because no support will be given” EULA.


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The thing is Dave already has a Linux version of the Server Software. This is about just the Server Software not the Client (the mobile app).


Good question…


Nice question some please tell the answer.


I think Dave is too busy with Sapiens at this point.

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Given that the cloud servers apparently already run a Linux version of, well, the server software, it probably wouldn’t be a horrible amount of work to release it.


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There has never been silence. There was indecision about it, and then there has been a decision not to publish it.


Where did Dave officially announce he will not be releasing it?


It was before I came to work for him five years ago, and I don’t keep the link handy, sorry. Someone else may know.




There Dave said

won’t be released for 1.5

(meaning not in time for 1.5) and also said

I’m not sure if there ever will be one at this point, as I’m not sure it’s the right solution

which is not a definite “No” and why I am still hoping there is a chance of it still happening. Also these tweets show that Dave already has the linux version “made” and this it’s just a matter of support which is why a lot of us are begging for him to release without support.

The cloud servers are running on a Linux build of the sever app, which is basically the iOS game (mostly Objective C) built using GNUStep.

— David Frampton (@majicDave) May 28, 2014

@codeHearder I'm mostly worried about support, so I think probably not. It builds on my machine, but it's far from working everywhere!

— David Frampton (@majicDave) May 28, 2014


There is no chance of it happening. He has said that. I have also said that, many times since, when people posted asking for or suggesting it. There has been clarity around this. Silence is pretty much the opposite of what there has been.

Edit: Sorry, we haven’t said that. We have said there are no plans to do it, but the fact is, it’s not happening.