Forum Time Capsule

I wouldn’t really call this a game, but in this thread you can post things you want people in the future of the forums to find. Anyways, let’s start filling this time capsule! As always, abide by the rules!


Does it have to be blockheads related-

In 2018 we didn’t have hover boards, we had something better… The Blockheads! A 2d pixelated sandbox game.


Did I ever say it had to be?

Well in that case i want them to find this

Note to future self: I told you not to trust the dodos!!! Look what happened…


And today is the day before thanksgiving siri is weird (she has always been this weird)

in 2018 we didn’t have real hoverboards and self driving cars
we had something better

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If youre reading this, im from the future.

If you are reading this in or past 2025, pm Dave to tell him congratulations on making such a long lasting and successful game.

Credit to @Kingmaharjan10

Credit to @Titan

I think, in the future the forum will be consistent of discobots that will rule the world. :slight_smile:

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If you are reading this after Dec 6, 2018, please tell me if a flying fan has been invented.

Why should you read these comments when you can read newer ones?

DC will never be the same as Marvel.

Now we have Mafia City…

I think it is about time we reopen the time capsule! Take a look at the old posts and feel free to put posts of your own in here before the time capsule temporarily falls into obscurity again. Speak your mind! I’m sure that future members would love to read your posts a few years from now. Say anything that you think is important. :slight_smile:

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You know how people say “If you were to tell me that COVID was going to happen in 2019, I would’ve never believed you?” I wonder what’s going to happen this year!