Forums blocking

Is there a way to block a member? I tried to figure it out but only saw mute.

Below Muted there‘s another option „ignored“, if you activate this you won‘t see any more replies or topics of the user nor get any notifications related to him/her. I‘m not sure if the person will be unable to dm you in that case, but if someone‘s sending you inappropriate messages I‘d flag them & the staff will take care of your issue :slight_smile:

It was over discord sadly.

Take a look at this.

I know how to block on discord. I wanna know how to block on forms also I can’t seem to find the ignore button

Seriously why can’t I see it -.—

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It’s not explicit in the settings for users and trust levels, but it does come with Trust Level 2. This means basic users and new users can’t ignore members. I would prefer for basic users to have this option, so I will see if I can locate a setting for this feature.

Update: My Google fu has failed me, so I’ve asked on the Discourse developer forums.

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Try to level up in the meantime.

this isn’t like discord blocking BTW, it seems to only limit what is seen

i think you can still see the fact (x) user has posts in a topic, and it shares the similarity with Discord that you can’t see the messages unless you show it, similar to how Discord does, but that’s only under Ignored

muted will just not let you get notifications such as via @ or a pm, but no option completely blocks out the content that exists, but i don’t believe pms can be sent or received while you have a user Ignored

additionally keep in mind that like Discord, if you are in any existing pm with that user, like a person adding a blocked user to a group chat in Discord, you can then see those posts exist, the ignored user just can’t create a PM directed towards you and you can’t vice-versa

edit: NGL i hadn’t initially noticed i got member so here:

only re-showing that because you need to know you can do this before you can message, meeting those requirements doesn’t mean you can’t mute/ignore, and that ignoring and muting are two SEPARATE options

So far all this has got me is someone asking if I checked the forums settings, so this may take some time.

I ranked up so I’m good for now like full on all I did was open a post and was like “oh I got a notification” nope I ranked up lol

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Problem solved! :slight_smile:

Has anyone else replied yet?

Yes. Another one telling me about the settings that don’t help at all, and another offering his plugin. Plugins can be a pain, so I don’t know if we will add it to this forum, but perhaps on the Sapiens one. Dave naturally has veto on stuff I want to do with his channels :slight_smile:

Really? I have seen other Discourse forums that have installed many plugins without too much of a fuss.

some providers can offer them but plugins don’t seem nearly as common from what i’ve looked through, seemed like a lot are generally unsupported according to some sources directly from discourse’s discourse

Really? I have encountered a ton of Discourse forums, most of which had plugins.

yeah but that’s usually aimed towards non-commercial forums, business ones usually have them more if you look at the basic plugin list:

the top ones are automatically available as features that can be disabled or enabled, so i’m not sure how much of a plugin that is per say, but there are also plenty of plugins that are used besides these

primarily providers that don’t run a full business, as there are others who host discourse sites for less money besides discourse themselves, usually only discourse purchased discourse forums support all plugins