Forums has been updated!

Let’s go now I can see all my badge logos! Thanks Dave you are the best!
Also let’s you type before putting a category
We also got some hot new badges so you all better dig in.
Now “last visit” mentions are inside of topics!
Ooooh looks like system has a spicy new look! Better than that gear I say.
I’ll keep you guys updated with what I find and remember, it’s a great day for the blockhead forums! :wink:

Quoting actually works again as well!!! Woo-hoo!


Aye nice catch!
Also the header might be getting changed (no it’s not because it’s not fully loaded)

it’s back.
Also I can’t view profiles

very cool, i saw it too

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A lot of things are buggy like the notifications

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It’s probably because you’re using iOS 12.

Also, I haven’t seen the changes for myself yet because I’m using Fig. :lol:


I hate this update lol when i click on someone’s profile it takes 3 minuites to load >:(
also scrolling is very laggy

the like button seems to have been moved to the right side on mobile

Oh yeah. Also everything is buggy like the notifications and profiles

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On my 6s everything is fine except profiles take a bit to load

Everything seems to take a bit longer to load ever since the forums were updated. On my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, so when wumbo inevitably feels the urge to tell me to update my iOS, that isn’t the issue


I can’t even load anyones profiles except for my own… it just trying laid for a minute and then spits out an error…

Edit: I left a message for Dave on the Sapiens discord about the profile thing, so we’ll see what happens.


it seems you have come from the future, what are flying cars like? and no i’m not being snarky the point is you’re right he is going to tell you that, but the truth is i think it’s literally just discourse itself, what did they do? i don’t know, let’s ask them

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It now says “you are replying a bit too quickly” instead of “you are replying too quickly”

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ah yes, they made a very big improvement there

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There’s no need for that.

Alas, I’m having the same issue as everybody else. Everything takes slightly longer to load now. :frowning:


I’m not having loading issues

They were fixed yesterday and today morning. They were pretty bad. You can see my change log


I can view profiles again! :smiley: