Forums seems dead


Idk why but it feels like there are way less people on the forums than a few months ago. It feels like no new posts are being made and there is not much discussion but maybe its just me


Yes, that’s true.


That is good because milla doesn’t need to do much work. but it could also mean something else entirely


I’m thinking that it does mean something else entirely.


Not really.


Yeah right, say that some years (or maybe less) when the forums and probably the game will have to be shut down because of the lack of public and currency.


My theory is, and it’s right with me, is that some of the members might be busy with school and/or work.


Also with the forums the game is goibg dead too


The game is losing traction. Players leaving are much higher than players coming in.
Which is to be expected, games dont normally stick around for more than a decade, especially mobile games. The Blockheads is just on its natural cycle out. Which is sad of course, but not surprising.


I highly doubt it. As @Buddy9104 has said, both the game and forum are losing traction. The Blockheads is six years old now. It seems highly likely that 1.8 will be the last real update to the game, a sort of goodbye from Dave. This game has done well in the past, but over time, people get bored of it (you have to remember that Dave is the only developer, so updates are extremely infrequent).

Keep in mind the following:

  1. After 1.7’s release, people left, and many more came.
  2. During the new members’ arrivals, they often disappear sooner.
  3. There are many more suspensions handed out and ‘bad’ people.
  4. There is little consistency in activity.

I’m thinking that 2020 will be the last year for The Blockheads overall. I am really sorry, but this games prime is long over. All games are eventually lost and forgotten. Only the small, loyal player base that remains typically remembers.

You also have to remember that Dave has his full attention on Sapiens. That’ll be the new game to replace the empty hole where a once glorious game was.

I genuinely just wanted to finally let out all of my thoughts and concerns. Thank you.


I shall now compose a ‘Lament To The Past’. Watch this space.


What i am thinking is we should tell pewdiepie to play blockheads to stop t-series. anyone with me?

Though i cannot do it due to restrictions. i hope others can

i understand the odds, though may be 1 to none i can hope it will work


The ultimate comeback!


The problem isn’t the game at all, he won’t do it for the following reason:
We’re just a few, so, the comments won’t be hightlighted at all, and in the rare case that he reads the comments AND finds our comment he might not play it since the game isn’t popular at all and it wouldn’t make a great monetary income or impact.


No, it’s not, because when work levels drop enough I will have to get another job, and I really want this one to last until Sapiens!




Until Sapiens releases?


yes but i’m still here reading xD.I usually comes on for like 5 minutes and look for interesting posts and bugs and that’s pretty much it.


Ya it’s actually true… I know the reason tho… The reason is ppl are not intrested anymore. Game lost intrest and now the forums…


He I’m not dead, but I generally only do this during summer and Christmas break, college has been keeping me busy otherwise :zipper_mouth_face: