Forums seems dead


Stay strong, my dudes!!! I’m the last of my friends that play this game too! So you’re not alone. And I totally agree with you! Dave! Milla! Please read this guy’s post! He’s a loyal epic player like many including me, and we’re all waiting for you to strike back again with Blockheads! Don’t give up on us!!!


I did read it. I replied to it. The thing is, we can’t really go back. The game is more than six years old, and we’re looking forward to the next game, which Dave is up to his elbows in, due to the surf being completely pants here. There might be further updates to this game, but it will probably just be bug fixes, if so. To be honest, I’m passing on suggestions here that get a lot of love, as possible ideas for Sapiens, at this point. Time stops for no man.

Whats the point of the suggestions category?

Servers bought with tc: more people, less money.
Servers bought with real money: less people, less money.

Money is very hard to get, it’s not like pocket money.


I’m just going to add a factor that you missed in that:

TC-funded worlds: More people, higher overheads, less money coming in than going out.
Money-funded worlds: Fewer people, all overheads covered by income, because they’ve been hugely reduced.


I’m leaving because of work and school.


The reason I left was because there are no more active people on multiplayer anymore.

Also I do not really use mobile devices as much as I used to now that I am much older then I was in 2014 and can afford nice PCs

For all the new people reading this, back in 2014 the forums were generally more enjoyable, and the community was much better and more memorable. There were many memorable servers like pirate cove (the grandfather of all faction servers in theblockheads, which I actually got perm banned from, and ironically despite that I became admin on the sequel (which died out after YachtCrafter left))