Found a blue Protection near Lava

The encased area is a slight blue colour and and, if you look near the bottom, there is lava. While in the odd shaped blue area, I don not get harmed nor smoke. If I step a block out either side or down, I get harmed and start smoking. Blah blah blah, more words more words

Does anybody know what this is? Is it a glitch, or a new feature, or something?


Welcome to the forums! This is normal. The slight blue tinge you see is created by your oil lanterns, and don’t cool you down.

The reason why your Blockhead starts to smoke when you step a block down is because you become closer to the hot magma, not because you become further away from the “blue tinge”. :slight_smile:

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But what about when I step off to the side? I start smoking and dying

I don’t smoke inside the blue tinge, but when I step off to the top, I start slightly smoking, but no hurting

Also, I have found it somewhere else, but it disappeared after awhile. This one also disappeared.

And my torches light up yellowish white, not blue

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My guess is there was an ice torch placed there at some point and it was slow to update that block

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there was never an ice torch there, there was nothing there. Also, it’s not a regular shape

Oil lanterns create this aesthetic.

Are you sure is this a multiplayer or single ?

It isn’t a multiplayer world.

If you look closely, there are two more blue areas

While inside, I do not smoke

I am thinking this is a glitch

Were there formerly gems there? I think diamond and its products can produce a minimal chilling effect, which might explain the lack of ice torches / grace area. It could be that as it’s a local world, it’s having trouble unloading the diamond’s effects, leaving behind the blue area which offers a small amount of protection from the magma’s heat.

Other than that, I dunno. :man_shrugging:

There was nothing there ever, I just found it like this. Odd shaped blue areas

Also, even when blue spot is extremely close to lava, I do not even smoke while inside it

Try placing an ice torch in it then taking it away
Try a diamond

It might also be areas where the game tried to load in water but it didn’t succeed??

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Maybe it tried to spawn a cave troll but a loading glitch occurred

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That would explain it, like it tried to load in a ice torch (which would explain why you don’t burn in it near the lava) but didn’t finish

That’s what I’m thinking, because I was exploring a cave and an ice troll(with his chest and torches) suddenly appeared a few blocks in front of me

Also, no matter how close the blue spot is to lava, I will not die or get harmed while inside. If I place a bunch of ice torches near lava, I will still take some slight damage when in the ice torches

That blue spot is powerful

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Majic blue ooooooooooh spooky.


Very very Spooky