Frater Sodalitas: Builds, Projects, and other Notable Things I've been doing


I do a lot of stuff Blockheads related. I’m often rushing from one to the next, then going back to old ones. Through this I seem to lose a lot of stuff I think would be awesome to share with everyone
So I will begin posting things here :slightly_smiling_face:
(old things should be posted in order of importance. New things will automatically be at the bottom)
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Last Updated: January 19, 2018

1. MacHeads
Yep. I started a Mac Server List. Currently have 1 server that has allowed me permission to list them (the server isn’t done yet). I plan to get back to it soon and hopefully finish making my format pages before the client finishes their server :+1:
((My school blocked weebly website editing from their domain. Fun :wow:))

2. Interstellar
My first server (+ first mac server) since my terrible old ones that are all dead now! It’s slow work, but it’s fun to see your ideas go far. Turns out owning a server is more work than I thought

3. Secwet Pixel Art
I’ve been working on my first big pixel art on Atmos. A gigantic 120 x 120, and the largest thing I’ve done before this was no more than a 40x40 sun
No progress images though. You’ll have to wait for 1.7 Atmos (which will be awesome. I’ve got a really cool g[-classified] which will become a huge event!)

4. Let’s Play Series
Inspired by the series done by Cockroachcomics, I started working on my own. Don’t expect updates, as I plan to do most/all of the 1st part of the series before I share any of it

5. Goodrainbow Course! (On skylands)
Brer-Rabbit and DGPG have been working on a course, and I am d̶o̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ assisting them in their work
((Full screenshot will be released with @Brer-Rabbit’s permission))

I did this part

Things I cannot/refuse to continue

  1. Maze Escape
    By @New_Old_Hot_Cold, it was a server with a huge spawn maze, spanning at least a 6 x 4 block zone
    Sadly most of the staff has given up on building the maze, and the owner seemed to be inactive
    It was tons of fun though and I loved helping make the completed parts of the maze

  2. Icarus
    By @TheDerpMaster. Despite there being no updates by anyone but me, I’ve been busy fixing up everything but the spawn and server system
    One thing I found was the server required staff at all times, and this isn’t Maze Runner. Things that require staff always:
    Image result for too much work meme

So plans were originally in to fix up the server, but so far the group hasn’t gotten back together

8. Building Server
I have plans for a second mac server depending on the success of Interstellar. This one would be a freebuild with a cool transportation method very few servers use

9. Big Castle
I did the Palace of Midas, which was a huge challenge for me. I alway like to build small and focus on details in small spaces. But I’ve come to see that more empty space allows for larger structures
I think it could have been even better had I used more space. But for now I have bigger projects

I’ll update it as ideas come and go, and I’ll be sure to keep results up :smile:


Cool! I’ll try to join one of the servers, they sound fun. Which one do you suggest?


This is so cool wanted to help :slight_smile:


Nice post! You can post a whole screenshot if you want, but we aren’t finished yet.


Hmm… Icarus… that was a thing… I should probably do stuff on that now…
edit: It’s out of credit :joy:


Icarus was fun, though! Maybe you can try to work on it :smiley: If you do, there’ll be a lot of excited players waiting to join!

( coughs fluffy fury… yeah… it’s hard to get the groups back together)


We hope to open it back up by 1.7.


That’s great. Hope all is going well.


I started writing up another post, but forgot all about it

  1. Interstellar
    We’ve made incredible progress on it, and in just 1 week made 7 capsules! (rip co-owner’s lounge)

  2. Secwet New Game
    I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a game I’ve been working on at Atmos. It’s going to be a 3-8 player game, and combines quidditch with capture the flag
    I’m hoping to turn it into a World Cup like thing

  3. MacHeads
    Due to me being unable to use weebly on my computer, macheads is likely going to have to be entirely redone. It’s annoying, but I haven’t given up on it yet

  4. Secwet Pixel Art
    I’ve finished part of it, but pixel art is really boring, so I don’t do it much

  5. Let’s Play Series
    I lost the single player world…
    6 Let's Play (Burnt in Moving)
    rip LukeQuest, you weren’t made for the world

  6. Writing
    One of the things eating all my free time lately. I’ve taken a lot of the lore I made from my OC’s backstories and made it into a story, which is turning out much easier than trying to make new lore.
    I’ve only drafted 2 chapters though, and haven’t tried editing yet

I actually spend most of my time playing TWEWY, or screaming at my online computer art studio that crashes, causing me to lose all my progress