Free Mac server

I have been wanting to use my moms old Mac for Mac servers
If you would like to use a server from me p.m me
P.s I didn’t put much because I really don’t know what else to say


If you are interested pm me with the following information: what you want your server to be named what will be in it, max player that can join at a time max 32.

Global rules: no inappropriate images,
No hacking

I will add more global rules when I need to


You should add the format of how you would like to be PMed.

I updated it

Use Typeform baby. Makes your life look cooler and easier.


It was a good idea hosting Mac servers for otherwise normal players. Now they get a chance to make a server and know how it feels without having to spend their money. Great job


Typeform has a response limit for free people.

Is this still available?

I meant from @dvsnsrock

I would like a server

Just pm me the details and it will be set up as soon as possible

Okay, sounds good!