Free Mac Servers


Free Mac Servers


What does this mean?

You can own a server without paying anything, not even the $3 per month that the cloud charges!

What if I get greifed? I can't PM Milla for a rollback!

I back up once per hour. PM me here for a rollback with an hour.

What are the specifications of your computer?

CPU: 2 x 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 1024 MB

What are global moderators?

Global moderators are administrators on every server. They will automatically receive admin if they are unadminned, or banned. They are able to ban owners from their servers.

Who are the global moderators?

See below

How do I get a server?

Fill out this Google form.

Global Rules

  • Do not have a dirty picture.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Do not use inappropriate words.
  • Do not hack.

Global Moderators

How to connect

Port: 15151-15199

Request a server

An addendum from milla: This is a free service provided at the discretion of Wingysam. Please don’t post interrogating him if you don’t get an immediate response. If and when he opts to respond (or not) is up to him. I’m sure he will let us know here if he has closed this generous offer, so you can take it as read that he will get back to you in his own time unless he posts to say otherwise.

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This isn’t a server, it’s a server host. Just PM me the server name, custom rules (if applicable), server port, and server owner IGN.
I’ll try to create the server on that port, if it’s taken, I’ll PM you.


Kind of an odd server hosting choice, considering that you’re putting things up on a laptop. :thinking:

What I suggest to you is that you also make a web server along with that, just in the case someone visits that through their web browser. Html isn’t hard.


Actually I’m a web developer. I prefer using Node.JS, Pug, Express, Stylis, and JavaScript.

Thanks for the idea :smiley:

Edit: I’m using the laptop because it has a broken LCD and can’t be seen without my monitor, essentially making it a desktop. I might spend $40 and fix it eventually. I plan on ordering 8GB RAM soon.


Well, if you can’t see the screen, I suggest getting remote desktop control or ssh control over it so that you can still use it. I control a linux server I have by ssh.

Plz don’t try telnet though. That’s not a good idea.

Or yeah, you could use an external monitor, assuming you have something like an hdmi port.


The 2009 works fantastic with 8GB RAM. I think it’s a brilliant use since you don’t have to involve graphics card quality issues, etc. as just a host, and with your external monitor anyway. I’m excited to see your results!!


New public server here:

Port: 15154



The 8GB RAM is ordered, should be here in 2 days!


How many servers can your Mac host before the servers (or your computer) lags?


I don’t know.

30MB per server, 8GB on the host… Probably different server amount.


It’ll probably lag once the servers start using up more than 3/4 of his macbook’s ram.


All servers hosted here are down temporarily for a macOS upgrade. It slowed my computer to a crawl. Hoping 8GB RAM will help. It’s arriving today.

New server ideas?

3 Hours later - Not bumping

All servers are up! 8GB RAM is installed! MacOS Sierra is installed!

My computer is so fast!


:clap: @Wingysam you have earned a really rare loganisgreat bookmark good job :clap:


All servers are down for the night. I hope to be up and running by 7 am tomorrow!

New server ideas?

Servers are back!


Servers were down briefly. We’re back!

New server ideas?

I want to take a break to build on my server, but Icarus takes up so much time :laughing:


But it’s fun at the same time.


@Wingysam Question: if i execute /stop will it stop my server intil you restart it?