Free Mac Servers


In this case it would be Wingy’s Mac.


@Wingysam own a macdonalds?


No. A Mac is an Apple computer.


macdonalds and an apple.


No. Its not Macdonalds. Its just called Mac. And Apple is a company who makes phones and computers.


No relevance to McDonald’s whatsoever. :joy:


mac is short for macdnalds


It is not, it is short for Macintosh. You are derailing the thread which is impolite.


Its not related to McDonalds. At all. :wink:


im gonna report myself.


@bloky2018 they don’t make money from hosting the server, but tc is bought to play on the server, whether through ads or an actual purchase, both of which produce revenue
And the large number of funded cloud servers still make good revenue for the blockheads
(But that’s just my perspective)


Please don’t tag Dave, it’s only necessary for Milla. We want Dave to be working on his new game. :slight_smile:

While your waiting, maybe you can make a copy and paste welcome message for your server… and test it out here: Welcome Message Fiddle


People who host worlds on their own gear don’t cost us money, so they don’t pay anything. That’s how it works. If you host worlds on our cloud platform it costs us money, so we recover those costs by charging. People who host them on their own computers aren’t paying to do so, so they can make them free.


Wondering, but how does a Mac server run on a Core 2 CPU? I have one, but it really is slow, and without the SSD my dad put in it would be the slowest comp on earth.


Not currently, unfortunately.

Yes. You can do it the same way as you would on cloud in-game.

I will give you a PM on these forums when your server is created.

Actually it’d probably be fine. I run 20+ servers at about 15% CPU on a 3GHz Xeon from 2006.

Apologies for long waits, I’ve been having a difficult time finding motivation to create these servers.
I’ll be private messaging the people who have requested all of the servers in my form responses to ask if they still want them (or if they asked Oreo [Thanks Oreo! :slight_smile: ]), and if there are duplicates, ask if/how many are wanted.


Whoops accidentally made a req with public off… make public plz


Mac Servers are supposed to be private by default.

You need to type in the IP and Port so you can join a mac server.


If it’s public then it’ll show up on Wingy’s list.


I sent an application


i feel like mine hasn’t went through to @Wingysam
i’ve been waiting for a response for a while and feel like it somehow didn’t get through to him. note: sorry if i bothered you wingy, sometimes i start thinking that it’s usually just me, so i just want to double check