Free Mac Servers


Was I the only one who noticed T-Posing Crocker?


Flame noticed too, lol.


I am no longer using patreon to support these servers. They will now be free, not freemium.

I plan to increase all player limits to 32.


I have no idea why but, patreon reminds me of Crunchyroll.


I filled a request. But, please, take your time. No need to rush. Do it when you want (if you even want to).


Servers may go down for a little while today. A storm is coming.


Servers appear to still be up. :smiley:

I have shut down the server list that has previously been available at I had to update two databases every time I created a server, and it was making me dread creating more. I will probably bring it back without owner listings eventually.

I plan to create some worlds today.


So how’s the “owner portal” going?


It’s on hold for now. I’m hoping that the messagebot for mac will eventually come out.

Edit: The Mac server app doesn’t seem to log anything. I may be able to find another way.


I’ve sent max PMs for today, so I can’t ask if anyone wants their server any more today.

In other news, I figured out how to get logs.


Servers are down until this storm passes. I don’t want to risk having all of the servers (and my Mac Pro) destroyed by a lightning bolt.


Servers are back.


if it’s destroyed i’ll lead a riot to mother nature with u :wink: