Free Mac Servers


I have backups.


Most servers are back. One server is down, due to being corrupted. There may be brief outages as I find a working backup.


hope it can get fixed soon.


Still possible to get a server?


If it is, please pm me as soon as you can :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


Is the Mac server still on? If not it’s okay, I understand that you’re busy as a bee.


I’m home now.
@shadowolf Should be able to fix the corrupted server today.
@Superfalcon123 Yes it is, fill out the form and I’ll PM you.
@WooHooGaming13 I think so.


I filled it out already, should I do it again?
EDIT: I’m just going to re-fill it out


No. That’s not needed.


Servers are down for a storm.


A Geostorm? Jk jk.



That looks disastrous…

(Currently on my laptop using battery power to avoid having a power surge)


Only if it applies to how bad the movie apparently was.


Whelp, lets try not to throw this thread off topic. lets do this in PM instead of doing it here.

Back on topic!


Thanks sunny. Sending PM now.

Edit: Legoboy


Servers are back except for the corrupted one. Have been a bit busy.


@Wingysam did you find my request?


Apparently my server isn’t letting me in. Anything going on, or no? I feel like someone did a /stop. Ugh -_-


Servers appear to be down again.

Can’t join mine either.


In that case, something happened