Free Mac Servers


Servers are down for me to.


Same here.


BlockheadsServer crashed. It’s back now.


Was clearing off my bed, bumped my outlet. Computer is booting back up.

Edit: Worlds are back.


My server is still down


Crashed again. A world is broken, and because of that, none of the worlds are working. I have to leave for the day and can’t restore the worlds :frowning:


All worlds, except for one of mine, are back. One world, whose owner I have private messaged, was corrupted. I restored it to a backup.

Have fun with your worlds!


Has this been done?

What’s the future status on



I’m not sure. I don’t know if I will create it again. Maybe I will, but without owner names, and without all of the worlds that are marked as public at first, but then add worlds.


Can you make my Server for me?


If you also had a custom map please let me know.


Please read the top post for information on how to get a server :wink:


I filled out the first form linked in the OP, saw your post here and filled out another from the new link. If it’s the same form, I’ll have submitted two responses - I’m sorry if that’s the case.

Thanks so much for doing this, it is really appreciated by everyone.

Edit: Just saw another link in post #119. If this is the only valid one, please let me know. Also if you can’t host my server due to too many servers, let me know.


Hmmm? There are several links? I might’ve had an old one. Because I applied for one a really long time ago and I know he has been on because he has replied to me but not my form.


I’ve been not adding servers. There’s only one form. I will disregard one of the duplicates. I know this is old, but I can add servers when I get back from Canada. This will be in ~5 days.


Yay wingy is back (soon)!


He’s already made Regia.


I had a couple of minutes to spare before I left. I’m going to add new servers now :smiley:

Edit: Created all servers except for a pair of servers that are similar but not identical. Waiting for further information there. Have fun with your servers everyone!


Is there a maximum servers per person( i mean, will you only host so many servers for one person?) i am assuming 1

Oh and Capture1 your site is not working


@Wingysam honestly so lovely what you contribute to this community! Great job at giving so many people the opportunity to create their own little empires! :heartpulse:


That’s his IP.

His site is