Free Mac Servers


I noticed Wingysam’s name as wingham in his old website.



@bilingual answered that. Thanks!


On where?


On, Mr Wingy.


Oh! You mean in the Google search recommendation! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, uh, when you request a server, shoot me a PM!

I often forget to check for new requests. Just mention it in a PM and I’ll go make it! :smiley:


can mac server owner can make bot?


Not yet :wink:


Merged double post.


Appears that servers are down again.


It crashed again. Seems to be back. Was BlockheadsServer not meant for 81 worlds?

Mac Server: PVP Search

How was the cpu and memory doing?
Glad it was back on running.


CPU is 80% Memory is currently 9GB/16GB.


Doesn’t look like it :wink:


Hi there! I’ve filled out the Google form and thought I should post here saying I did.


seems fine to me…


One or more of the worlds have become corrupted. All worlds are down until I figure out which one of 80+ is corrupted.


Hey @Wingysam, maybe you should delete a lot of the worlds where the owners haven’t been active on to stop this from happening. Just a little thing :slight_smile:


I think it is a good idea to inform the owners before deleting them.


All worlds are down until he finds the corrupted world(s).


Just asking: are the servers open now?