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Good news and bad news

Bad news

  • One world was corrupted, and lost a day of progress. I will contact the world’s owner.
  • The servers were down for a long time
  • No new worlds have been created yet.

Good news :smiley:

  • All existing worlds are back!
  • I’ve installed an SSD! Goodbye black loading areas :slight_smile:
  • Only one world was corrupted!
  • The world that was corrupted only lost one day of progress!
  • I am about to create new worlds!


@Lord-Hyness the worlds that become corrupted are the active ones :frowning:
Edit2: Still a good idea though, to reduce lag.


Good. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible if you could make it today? as i sent the request a while ago


Seems like having a Mac world is interesting!
I would like to continue my ambitious proyects of making a huge free build server without having to pay!
(I sent the request, so I hope it gets accepted “;p)


Please know that I do the worlds in order that they requested. The longer you wait, the closer you are to the front of the line. I accept almost every request.


Seems logic.


I have requested a world :wink: though i am at the back of the line :wink:


(What will it be about? “;p)


Hi, I have just joined this new forum site !!! @Wingysam, I am not sure if you remember me as it was like a year or two since I saw you last in the public server you created for me, although I found this forum post and noticed that there have been some corruption and other issues with your server worlds and I just would like to know that my blockheads server is still fine and working and there are not any issues, I understand that server management can be quite challenging so I appreciate that you are offering this service. I have been quite busy and have not joined in a while due to having limited time, although I would still like this public server world. Would you be able to provide me with a way that I could have the data files associated with my public blockheads server to keep in the case that this service gets closed or something along those lines. -Thanks so much, -boom


I remember you! As far as I know, the server is still fine. I will make sure. Also yes I can give the server data. PM me for details. I will attempt to connect to your world now.


He can’t…uh…PM yet…


Oh right! I forgot. Sorry! Thanks for reminding me GGB.

I’ll see if I can PM.


Just checking to see if you had read my request, take your time.

I don’t care what day you decide to read it but i seem to be busy with random things.


Well I don’t want to bother, but same here “;p
(Don’t worry, take your time)


I know I have just requested a server but I’m wondering when it will be done. Thanks.


I have a big backlog, and a big backlog makes me not want to make servers. I should write a script to do it for me!


Would you be able to read my request at sometime? take your time though.


I have submit a new request of a different server, please ignore the one i previously sent which is year 45k.


Hi, I’m back again after being inactive for a really really long time XD
Well, I just wanted to ask, are the servers up yet? Or maybe it’s my internet connection, idk. I’m unable to access the server you had made for me, it just keeps saying “Searching…”

Edit: NVM, it’s fine now. Maybe it was my internet.


Submitted a request.