Free Mac Servers


Not long ago i believe i made a request for Griffen-land 2, ignore the year 45k request. But if you could would you be able to create the server and rename it to LOP 2 @Wingysam ? (land of paradise 2)

Thanks if you can.


Yeah… uh… yes.


I have a sudden urge to hang this inspirational quote on my bedroom wall.


Can a person have two Mac servers? Just wondering


Yes they can.


should i submit another request for a server, or will it be made soon?

sorry, i am just impatient


Not quite yet. :wink:


how many things do you need to do before you can create land of paradise 2. i plan to have it be vanilla and public




just notify me in PM when you have created it. :slight_smile:


Same dude, but don’t worry, if you need to finish one first do LOP 2.


There is something coming soon™. :wink:


Can guess the thing coming soon is so important that you can’t make servers.

Is it that you are getting a computer? just wondering :confused:


Alright fine… It’s not a new computer. (@SHAHMMM)


Because they were asking me on Discord.

Edit: Not double post - Person asked question then deleted their post when I answered.


I can guess complaining about making a server and asking when it is made will just make the time to make it longer? am i right?


By maybe the few seconds that I’d be spending on “The Project” :wink:



Hi! I’ve spent the last ~30 hours of my free time working on this! Head on over to Free Mac Servers and sign up! This is the new way to request for servers.

Owner Portal

You can request and manage worlds here.

Welcome message!

You can edit your welcome message here.


You can send/receive messages from in your world here. It’s faster than the cloud too!


It’s a message bot that runs on my server!! I host all of them full time! Currently it only supports triggers but more is coming.


You can turn the bot on/off here.


You can set triggers here. {{NAME}} is replaced with the player’s name.


First in line! Hehehe


Not in line anymore!