Free Mac Servers


Uh, what does that mean?


Check your OP. You were supposed to get a PM but it bugged lol


Is there a way to assign servers that you already made for me to my account?


Yes. I just have to update the database. DM me on Discord.


Okay, so that means the server is already created, right?
In that case, can I get a link please?


Update: Restarted server. If you’re on the console page reload. Also info page is ready.


Wingy, will the old request form still work. or do i need to do it once again since i submitted another one not long ago


I will not be using the old form. Submit your worlds to the new site.


made an account. and requested world :slight_smile:


Seems when deleting a trigger, it doesn’t want to delete.


You have to click save first. If you click save, does it work?




Submitted request.


My server since i restarted it to update the wm has been on searching…


Not for me either. I can’t remove one.


BlockheadsServer crashed.


Wish the console would show messages in chat instead of deleting when you refresh.


Sent in a request as a test, please ignore it- TestSkirmish. Is it just me or are there only two buttons, Create Worlds?


When you make other servers for ppl, their rank is owner, right?


The username that you put in the field, ”Admin Name,” will be the username that automatically gets readmined when that username gets banned or unadmined.