Free Mac Servers


@bilingual Noted. Will add.
@Celadon Got it. There are only two buttons, then a list of yours worlds. The links in the list lead to more buttons.
@shadowolf Correct.
@GoodGradesBoy Not currently. Good idea. Noted.

Edit: No, your name in game is not yellow.


Ok, thanks. Can you add Skirmish to my list of worlds?


Are you planning on making the bot have the same features as the message bot?


Mostly. Also I’d like Discord integration.


Think the servers are down


Yes, I also think that.


Wasn’t there some issue with the Discord integration that had to be scrapped with the original message bot? Or was that just my imagination?


Yes there was.


A list of suggestions I have been thinking of:

  1. Messages on the console staying.
  2. Have an admin/mod/white/black list like in the blockheads owner portal.
  3. Showing how many players are online on the main worlds page.
  4. Being able to add a password.
  5. Being able to change pvp.
  6. Name change.
  7. This would be nice, but not necessary: date of creation and date/time last player was active.

If I think of more I’ll let you know.


@Wingysam cancel The Qwerty World im mistake the settings


I’ve got quite a lot to do! :smiley:

By the way, when I edit my code, all worlds restart.


Servers are down


That is correct. I am working on my code. I want to graceful shutdown when exiting to not corrupt data.


Ok. Just @ me when they are back up.


Sorry whoever just tried to manage their world. Saw the log but the backend is down.


Are the world’s back up?


Currently, yes.


My server just crashed, OOOFFFF. Did you stop it or did it just crash?


I’m working on making my creation script work.

I’ll explain what’s happening. When I create a custom world and it has no seed (seed is left blank) it is a “falsy” value. This causes my script to think a vanilla world is needed. Then I half fixed it, but missed the bug in the other place (This is why DRY is a thing). It should be fixed now and I’m about to test it.


If you’re integrating Discord on your Mac server please consider setting it up so all players joining are warned of this fact. We don’t permit this on our own platform for privacy and security reasons.