Free Mac Servers


Yes, Mac servers do not automatically start like cloud servers.




HOW DO i make a mac server popular? DO i just mindlessly Join random worlds and spam links everywhere like?

  1. Forums
  2. An organized list of Mac Servers.

You can’t put mac servers in with cloud because on those servers dave and milla have no power, meaning roleplay mac servers will just exist


hoping to get one soon


@thefoil also


1.7 is coming out today and all of the servers will be updating today or tomorrow!

Have fun on your servers, everyone!


I’ve updated how you create a server. Now fill out this form please.



You’re too generous!


So basically in short, you’re hosting Mac servers for the people who request you? Nice.
I’ll be requesting one as well.

Edit: I requested for a server.


I requested one, however, can we set the world’s to private, whitelist, etc. without having to contact you?


Mac servers do not have a “Search” option, so they are, by nature, private.
You can use the whitelist command.

New server ideas?

facepalm I forgot lol


I am also planning an “owner portal” of sorts.


Wonder how that’ll work…


If I’ve already asked for one previously, do I need to fill the form out again


If it was created, no. If it was not created, yes.


How long do they take to create? Just wondering.


About a minute or so.


Really? Don’t you have to do the configuration and stuff? I seriously thought they took like an hour to set up…

Also when do we get the servers?