Free Mac Servers


If Discord integration is on, a mandatory join message will be added.

If anyone has requested a custom world and it came out wrong, please re-request it and PM me.


Would it be possible to add the option to migrate the world to custom?


Sure! Would you like your world migrated?


No thanks, it was just a suggestion for the portal


Would it be possible to automatically clear the server chat once there are no players on?


Also, add server list and vote system like blockheadsfan and minecraft server


@Lord-Hyness Added to backlog.

@Qwerty_ASD That’s what the public setting is for. Coming Soon™.


Correct. The site is down because I broke my code trying to fix a different bug. I’ll fix it when I’m done reading.


Site seems fine to me.


It seems to be appearing when you save the WM.

Edit: Fixed! Also I manually started a world that had errored because it failed to save the world.


Is it also possible to put a thing where owners can read the logs?

This will be my last suggestion, i promise!


Discord integration will work well for this.


Wait, theres a free mac server discord? I so confused…


@Lord-Hyness Added logs in OP to backlog.

@Lava_ninja_2048 I have planned to make it so you can send/receive messages in a Discord channel.


i use discord, but i don’t talk. so there is no need


Ahhh ok nowi see


If i could help you in some way, i think i would probably be a tester to make sure things work as they are supposed to do


Will the bot ever become open-sourced? + Congrats on making an Owner Portal!


seems the player count sticks even when there is only 1 player on.

it said that 4 players we’re on when it was only me on

Also like the normal message bot, could you make it so you can put spaces like this


instead of this

hello greetings loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongline



Is it possible to make the owners name yellow?