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Don’t think so, only the console/bot.


is it me, or are online players broken as it claims to have 8 when it is none of that.

Here is a copy and paste from the OP

Online Players

And i think the bot, and the console is broken as when you say something from the bot and it responds, it doesn’t respond.

Same goes for console, you say something and press enter. nothing


@JarlPenguin Probably not, as it’s part of my OP system.

@Lord-Hyness That’ll probably be <NEWLINE>.

@Lord-Hyness No.

@Lord-Hyness That’s broken. Will look into that sometime.


also add multi-world chat intergation for player have 2 and more worlds


I don’t think that is possible. And if it is, it would probably be pretty hard.


Something else that would be cool if it were added:

So when an admin enters a command, say /admin name, have server say “{{Admin}} just added {{name}} to the adminlist.” But just replace adminlist with whatever list they added name to.

Something else, have a list on the OP where you can customize commands that the admins as a whole/specific admins can use. So if you don’t want them to admin other people but they can still whitelist them.


Would it be okay if i bring in some rails to my world from the dodo seed when that is credited?

Because i would like to save some money, but i am also faced with the idea that half may be bought from a supershop and another half made legitimately.

I am not sure what part is not legit as it also blends in with the legit tracks, so would it be okay?


Wingy, the rails on the TP are going haywire in the prices. Like 1000s of platinum coins.

And when you sell you get a lot like wumbo just did, if you can you need to fix this so i can sell rails again so i don’t have an explosion of plat


Hundreds of thousands I think.


Not sure that its a bug with wingy’s program or whatever it is. It might just be an issue with mac servers in general. Idk


@Qwerty_ASD SoonTM
@VolcanoFlame Yes I can do that.
@bilingual 1. Good idea. 2. Good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:
@Lord-Hyness In this case, I say yes.

Prices are hundreds of thousands of plat? Better ping @majicDave.


I had the worldwide railway done so I ended up selling what i believed we’re legit.


It’s on my list of stuff to go over next time we get together :slight_smile:


@Wingysam Your website is not working


I’ll fix it tomorrow. I didn’t sleep last night.


Just a small sugestion: Be able to change password


This is a big bug. Needs to be fixed quickly.


Could you rename my server to aries? and insert the blacklist into my server?


The forums are back up and first you do is this…


@wingysam any predictions how long it will be to get website working again?