Free Mac Servers


I only check my responses on my form every so often, so it takes a little while.

New server ideas?

All servers on server 2 are currently down, as my app is crashing as I open it.

@majicDave I had to hold the power button on my computer and now it won’t launch.

World corruption has occurred. I have hourly backups, but some progress may be lost.

All servers are back! My world was corrupted. (Also, why is it 13.87GB for my one world?)

New server ideas?

All world on server #2 will be down for the night due to severe wind.

They will be back tomorrow hopefully :slight_smile:

New server ideas?

There was a power outage last night, causing server 1 to go down as well.

Server 2 is back. Server 1 will be soon.

Edit: It appears that Server 1 came back on its own once I pressed the power button a few minutes ago.

New server ideas?

If a server is not available it’ll just keep saying “Searching.” Same with any inviled IP or Port Number.


@Wingysam, there seems to be a problem whenever I try to join Smite since a few days. I know it’s not something from my side, since I’m able to join other servers. When I try to join Smite though, it just keeps showing “Searching…”. I’ve even tried waiting for 20 minutes but I’ve not been able to join. Any idea what the problem could be?


I have the same problem.


Server 2’s down, or we’re all just unlucky LUL
In all seriousness yeah it probably is. just gotta wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Calm down, after all it was for free…

Error: Due to @anon85547976 complaining a lot her server has been deleted. (JK)


Why not be appreciative of it? It’s one guy running tons of servers.


How would I know? lol.


That… is an excellent question.


You are a random person on the internet, there is no way for me (or anyone else) to know that. I’ve met plenty of people who do. It’s best to include some indication in your post. (I know Milla has said essentially this somewhere but can’t seem to find the post to quote it right now)


It appears that all servers are up. If your server is down, please post here.

New server ideas?

Not down, but extremely laggy and hard to load.

New server ideas?

I’ll reboot it.

Edit: Done


Thanks! I forgot to check it.


Ah, it’s fine now. Thanks.


The servers asked for recently have been created!
Also updated to 1.7.1, this will fix the trade portal issues on Android.
Also, I believe that I am hosting over 50 servers!


Wow. Just wow. That is a lot of servers.