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BETA: Website & Public World List

This website contains a list of worlds marked “public” that I host!

Note: Worlds owned by Patreon subscribers are given priority in the world list.


Thanks for this, Wingy, but the words are a little hard to read on the very left. Maybe an indent or a space? :slight_smile: Also, for Patreon worlds you could indicate with a orange patreon icon and colored text.


Suggestion: Add a join link for each world:


Simple script that you could include to do it without markup changes:

document.querySelectorAll('tr:not(:first-child)').forEach(tr => {
  const cell = document.createElement('td')
  const link = cell.appendChild(document.createElement('a'))
  link.textContent = tr.children[0].textContent
  const port = tr.children[1].textContent
  const name = encodeURIComponent(tr.children[0].textContent)
  link.href = `${port}&name=${name}`

(Also, you shouldn’t be using <th> for table elements - use <td> instead.)


I’ll add some margins :slight_smile:

Ooh, good idea! Thanks!

This is planned. I’m using Pug, so I can easily add it to my template. I was planning on using blockheads://, thanks for the better implementation of URLs!
(Also, I’m planning to only show that on iOS as it can’t be used on desktop and I think it’s broken on Android)

Oops! Will do :slight_smile:


I’ve added margins. 10px on either side.

I’ve added a black Patreon icon in the world name and made the background blue.

This is done. I was incorrect about it being broken on Android. It may have only been that way when join.php was down.

This is fixed.


I don’t know how to get a link to my blockheads forum profile :laughing:

Edit: nvm don’t know why it didn’t work the first time

Edit 2: how long does it usually take for you to start making a world?


I’ve added two fields: Expert mode, and portal level.
The expert mode field is Yes/No.
The Portal level is Default/Amethyst/Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond.

A few days.


What does portal level mean? Thanks :slight_smile: Also on PC there’s a port but no IP.


@Celadon. :slight_smile:


Nice server list idea @Wingysam :upside_down_face:


He edited it afterwards I think or maybe I’m going blind :laughing: thanks for the ping


Do I have to submit my request again now that you added more options?


Those are automatically generated from the world itself, and are not in the google form :slight_smile:


Ok, so just keep waiting xD


Shouldn’t there be a ‘no gems’ option? For my request I’d like the world to have no gems if possible please.



Is there a way to add servers that are already made?i want to add my server into the list,but not sure if you allow it.

(I am not sure if I already talk about this before,sorry for my bad memory)


There is not currently, as my list looks at the world files every time you visit to get all of the data except for if the world is public, and its owner.


Oh,I see.
No it is then.


The servers are down. Or just Outside The Blocks in particular.


No, mine is also down