Free Mac Servers


Do I have to submit my request again now that you added more options?


Those are automatically generated from the world itself, and are not in the google form :slight_smile:


Ok, so just keep waiting xD


Shouldn’t there be a ‘no gems’ option? For my request I’d like the world to have no gems if possible please.



Is there a way to add servers that are already made?i want to add my server into the list,but not sure if you allow it.

(I am not sure if I already talk about this before,sorry for my bad memory)


There is not currently, as my list looks at the world files every time you visit to get all of the data except for if the world is public, and its owner.


Oh,I see.
No it is then.


The servers are down. Or just Outside The Blocks in particular.


No, mine is also down


I will send a private message to @majicDave.

Edit: Servers are back


Servers are going down for a little bit while we sort out some power issues.

Edit: Servers are back


Angel world isn’t active… Actually never active, It’s just me ::frowning:


@Wingysam, question. What exactly, except a good feeling, of course, do you get out of hosting the servers on your side?


I get programming experience, as well as administrator on all of the worlds because I’m a global moderator.


owner abuse xD (jk)


Thank you Wingysam for hosting these servers! Really appreciate it, and I’m sure all of us do :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s really nice to do this. Must cost a lot for the wifi 24/7 though!


I have unlimited. It’s what I had before the servers :slight_smile:


That’s a good thing. Otherwise you would be forced to charge!


as I’ve seen before, I guess you might need another computer :laughing: