Free Mac Servers


I will send a private message to @majicDave.

Edit: Servers are back


Servers are going down for a little bit while we sort out some power issues.

Edit: Servers are back


@Wingysam, question. What exactly, except a good feeling, of course, do you get out of hosting the servers on your side?


I get programming experience, as well as administrator on all of the worlds because I’m a global moderator.


owner abuse xD (jk)


Thank you Wingysam for hosting these servers! Really appreciate it, and I’m sure all of us do :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s really nice to do this. Must cost a lot for the wifi 24/7 though!


I have unlimited. It’s what I had before the servers :slight_smile:


That’s a good thing. Otherwise you would be forced to charge!


as I’ve seen before, I guess you might need another computer :laughing:


I have two old Macs in my dad’s garage containers if you want them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Free Macs, jk


sure, I’ll take one


If you can ship it to the UK :stuck_out_tongue:


my country is right next to yours, why hello there.


turns around


Servers seem to down, can’t get on any Mac servers today.


The servers went down. I was somehow logged out of my computer while away from home. I blame the cats :joy:

Servers are back.


It’s always the cats :smirk_cat:


Can anyone make me a mac server and make me owner there


Here’s the thread Wingysam has that you can read.