Free Mac Servers


Mac servers do not have owners, just admins. FYI


Wait so if you create a Mac server and make someone admin they could ban you from your own world?


Yes- that’s why you need to be careful who you admin. They can also do /reset-owner and then whoever logs in next will have the items and account of that person. You’ll have to ask Wingysam or me to admin you back if it’s a Wingysam mac server.


As I’ve answered in your other thread, you can request one here:

@Brer-Rabbit @I544C @Celadon I have written a program and it automatically re-admins you if you are removed from the admin list and are the owner.


Thanks, excited to invite some people to play private expert. Other world is just a backup for Giants if the cloud shuts down one day. :slight_smile:

Can you pm me port and IP?


This thread should be merged in Free mac server thread.


Cant you just do that yourself?


Regulars cannot merge, only moderators and admins like Milla and asyc.

I don’t think it needs to be merged as that’s a thread for Wingy’s free worlds, and this is just generally asking for one, not for Wingy.


Yes as Brother Rabbit said only administrator or moderators can only merge the post. For us a regular member we can just correct the category what people set and make a wiki post or edit it.


I thought he was a moderator xD


I wish too :lol: but we have 3 moderators here as I see but there’s more than 3 I only see Noodlecake ben & Derek and Asyc the other I know Blockheadbean. And I’m only regular member and member of AndroidBeta1.7


I would, but my Mac is being repaired.


Tested on a private server unadmining myself (not mine) but doesn’t seem to work even after relogging, is it a time frame beforehand?


Merged thread asking for Mac server in.


I stand corrected from what I said above, oops.


Have you considered getting some more CPU and 1TB of storage? (Terrabyte)



#133 - the code is supposed to readmin global mods (I assume Brer is one because Wingy mentioned Brer but IDK)


I have considered doubling my CPU cores (to 8), and I have 4TB of storage right now.

@Celadon My database seems to not be working correctly.


You’re like the vaccine computer storage thingy.