Free Mac Servers


Yes as Brother Rabbit said only administrator or moderators can only merge the post. For us a regular member we can just correct the category what people set and make a wiki post or edit it.


I thought he was a moderator xD


I wish too :lol: but we have 3 moderators here as I see but there’s more than 3 I only see Noodlecake ben & Derek and Asyc the other I know Blockheadbean. And I’m only regular member and member of AndroidBeta1.7


I would, but my Mac is being repaired.


Tested on a private server unadmining myself (not mine) but doesn’t seem to work even after relogging, is it a time frame beforehand?


Merged thread asking for Mac server in.


I stand corrected from what I said above, oops.


Have you considered getting some more CPU and 1TB of storage? (Terrabyte)



#133 - the code is supposed to readmin global mods (I assume Brer is one because Wingy mentioned Brer but IDK)


I have considered doubling my CPU cores (to 8), and I have 4TB of storage right now.

@Titan My database seems to not be working correctly.


You’re like the vaccine computer storage thingy.


By the way I did submit a server :slight_smile:


It takes him a few days


Don’t worry Wingysam is always in his way don’t you think his busy too maybe sometimes his not on but when he comes back you will get it :wink:


how long will it take him?


Patience is key :key: :wink:

Don’t worry, it wont be long.


Mine took 4-6 days can’t remember


Where is the lock then? :wink:


Hmmm. Well, the lock is everything. Patience is key to everything.