Free Mac Servers


Except doors, unless it’s one of the ones that’s are hard to open


But what if you pick the lock? And how would a key help with a combination lock?


This is a free service provided at the discretion of Wingysam. Please don’t post interrogating him if you don’t get an immediate response. If and when he opts to respond (or not) is up to him. I’m sure he will let us know here if he has closed this generous offer, so you can take it as read that he will get back to you in his own time unless he posts to say otherwise.


Is it possible for him to fix something once you realize you don’t want it? Because you’re gonna be stuck with it… or should you just do the survey again


I’d PM him asking about the change and wait.


Ok, thanks
I feel like I’m putting him through a lot of trouble…


Thanks for the edit, milla :slight_smile: If you have an issue with a world PM me (as @shadowolf has done :slight_smile: ) .


I just sent it wingy


If I just sent a new response to the survey, does it mean I’ll have to wait a bit more than I’m supposed to?


Why did you send a new response? If you’re creating another world, the wait time will be as long as anyone else. If it’s a problem with the world, PM Wingy instead :slight_smile:


I sent one some time ago, and you should read up, it’ll give you context to your Q
Might as well tell that I making a server soon anyways :smirk:


Wingysam is probably busy with something that requires his attention more than prepping servers to be hosted on his Mac for players for free. Because he does this without asking for anything in return, it is unreasonable to expect him to drop everything that is more important in his life in order to create servers for users.


Commenting about it constantly won’t help.


Wingy doesn’t check things around his mac servers daily from my experience, so I’d say 1-1.5 weeks and you should get a response


I think a good rule of thumb is 1 post- then 1 every few weeks, because that would be an abnormally long wait, just as a reminder.


I am currently in Canada for one week. I will be able to create servers when I am home.


Sorry for complaining.


Enjoy Canada. Eat lots of poutine and maple syrup.


We have quite a bit of that up in New England


I am planning to create the servers that have currently been requested.

However, if you have not requested a server, you can ask @222oreo333 for one of their (More) Free mac servers. It’ll be a little faster because they have a newer computer and fewer servers right now. Also, my form is still open and I have no plans to close it :slight_smile: