Free Mac Servers


I think a good rule of thumb is 1 post- then 1 every few weeks, because that would be an abnormally long wait, just as a reminder.


I am currently in Canada for one week. I will be able to create servers when I am home.


Enjoy Canada. Eat lots of poutine and maple syrup.


We have quite a bit of that up in New England


I am planning to create the servers that have currently been requested.

However, if you have not requested a server, you can ask @222oreo333 for one of their (More) Free mac servers. It’ll be a little faster because they have a newer computer and fewer servers right now. Also, my form is still open and I have no plans to close it :slight_smile:


I won’t miss it. Google forms doesn’t delete unless I manually delete.

Also you’d end up with 2 worlds.


I’m getting a mc server from someone else


You forgot beaver tails.


Try asking @222oreo333 :slight_smile:


I already got one from them like a week or two ago… It’s called Fatal Fields


Speaking of


I am developing In



Nice to see you back ^^


How to join a mac server


Go to Join World first

Then go to Advanced…

Then go to Online IP/Port…

Type in the IP and Port for the world, then choose your usename and profile photo!

Boom! That is how you join a Mac server, or even a way to join a port forwading LAN server.


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Help me



Do you have a problem with it X3? I thought it looked very dapper


I have send the form to make a mac server to wingysam now how ik that whats my port and all the stuff to join a mac server??


Wingy will tell you the port. His IP is


Can we make a bot in mac servers
Can we have the links of a mac server
How and when and where will wingy give me port