Free Mac Servers


What uhhhh

@wingysam i have requested for 2 mac servers please make it fast and pm me the port and the link
Thanks :wink:


Be patient, Wingy is a busy dude.


Please do not double post! (Post 2 times in one hour)


There are other things in life he has to do too. Not just his job. Also you’d probably get it later since sunny (as well as me-who’s excited for my server? It’s gonna be great experience on there once it’s out!) sent his, so wingy would have to do it first. I’ve been waiting for a long time as well.


Please see my addendum to the first post in this thread.

Also, I have merged your double posts. Please don’t post more than once in a row so close together. Consecutive posts should be at least an hour apart. You can edit your posts if you wish to add new information more quickly.


Just a friendly note you guys can also pm me for servers. I typically get to them within a day or two


I am very sorry for replying double :frowning:


i filled in the website. what do i do now?


Wait. :slight_smile:


how long?
seriously, im not waiting 6months for a server


Wingy and Oreo both have life to handle. Who knows how long. Wingy could be busy. Who did you submit it to? Wingy or Oreo?


no idea.


Did you submit thru google forums?


i pressed the link


Then it was thru Wingy. You may have to wait a while. A few others have submitted theirs before you. Wingy could also be busy with other things :slight_smile: :wink:


does @Wingysam pay for the server?


No. Mac servers are free.


wait… if they are free how do @milla and @majicDave make money?


Well. If I remember correctly, they don’t run the mac server. The Mac runs it.


whos mac?