(Free) minecraft!

I discovered a really good minecraft copy!

It looks awfully shady.


Tried it it’s pretty fine a bit too much laggy a and occasionally freezes

I wouldn’t bother downloading it.


My favorite Minecraft clone is SurvivalCraft 2. Unfortunately, it is not free.

If this post makes no sense, sorry I just woke up lol

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SC ain’t no “clone”

That is probably because there are no in-app purchases, which is a huge bonus. I would gladly pay upfront for a game without in-app purchases. :slight_smile:


In my humble vision, SurvivalCraft is not anywhere remotely close to quote a “Minecraft Ripoff”. Sure it has similarities but one can make the claim in that stance that Fortnite and Minecraft are ripoffs. Survivalcraft has way more features- in depth electricity, way more modes, animals, and thats just scratching the surface— I see where one may make that comparison but I don’t believe that’s a valid comparison. Of course, this is an opinion discussion.


Yeah, SC was originally “What Minecraft PE was supposed to be”.

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I already knew about this app. I got it ~6 years ago on my Android Tablet. Those were the good ol’ days. Couldn’t afford the real Minecraft. After much more exploration for a better game like Minecraft, I found the blockheads. You may argue that blockheads is nothing like Minecraft, but my young self was very happy with the blockheads (because it was like Minecraft). Instantly abandoned this ‘Minecraft’ alternative app.

I played it like 7 years ago or something. Was a little laggy, all the servers were anarchy or you couldn’t break anything (cause someone else was owner). Controls were kinda clunky. Not sure if there was a chat tbh.
No idea what it’s like now.

It’s now way less laggy and there is a chat

Actually I play another game it’s planetcraft