Free multi-player?

I want to know how I can play multi-player with my friends for free.
And I have an android and my friends mostly have an apple, can we will play still?
And last but not least, will they add a better way to play multi-player in any way?

Are you talking about local multiplayer, like playing on a world while you are all on the same wifi network? Because that form of multiplayer is free. If you are talking about playing on online servers, they are free as well, unless you want to create a server. And I’m almost certain that android and apple devices can play together.
Edit: in the 1.7 update, creating a server will cost money, but that is only for creating one. They are still, and will be, free to play on as long as you don’t plan on adding credit.


Thanks for answering.
I’m talking about how I’m in a different state than my friend, how can we play? I’m a really big Noob and I’ve only been playing for about 6 months in total. I dont know much about the game and I’m learning new things everyday. Thank you again! :lol:

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Ok, well you could somehow correspond with your friend, and arrange a server to play on, and a time. You shouldn’t have any problems with gameplay, all you have to do is decide where and when you can play together. Since you don’t share a wifi network, the only way you’ll be able to play together is on an online server. Glad to help! :smiley:



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Woah you’re so optimistic lol. It would be cool to play together.

Thanks :cheerful: I would love to play with you too!

Where do people keep coming up with the “its going to be maintained by TC”?

Last I heard from the source himself, maintaining a server is going to cost $2.99 per month. Period.

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Where did you see that?

“Creating and topping up” refers to creating and adding credit to servers.

No, I mean where did he see people in this post talking about servers maintained by TC.

Right here

Edit: Hold on I think I misunderstood

He may be referring to this post

Exactly lol. I misunderstood too at the beginning, but knew that @Caelestis couldn’t be wrong.

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Yeah that came across as a bit confusing, huh? I did mean that servers will be paid for in 1.7. End of story. I’m not sure where it came about that credit would still be maintained by TC. Woops :smiley:

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Don’t worry :smiley:. It’s all cool.

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