Free server credit


I think the creator should make the server credit free because no one want there server to be gone well not gone but y’all know what I mean right so please make server credit free i beg y’all​:cry::cry::cry:

   .from slimy username slimjim101


The developer of the game wasn’t making enough money off the game so he had to make server credit cost money


Ok I know what you mean but it should cost less but your right


The developer did it because the old credit system used time crystals. But some people hacked and got an almost unlimited amount of time crystals, so he needed to change it quick.


I don’t think you understand…


Sadly running a server ain’t cheap :sleepy:


It’s the current pricing or taking the hosting platform offline. We think people would prefer we didn’t take it offline, so the pricing is very unlikely to be changed.


But when he did that, he had to remove credit from all servers in the game. This could be how the Skylands server ran out of credit.


Then y didn’t rabbit hole go down it wasn’t bc he changed the currency more so he changed it to actual money therefore lots of people didn’t want to pay for it they were freeloading with a bunch of duped tc


No, this is not accurate. He didn’t remove any credit, and we gave warning ahead of time, so people could top their credit up ahead of the update.