Free Server Hosting!

Hey everyone! I remember MGN hosted most servers, and saw a post saying finally under new hosting from MGN thanks to some super donator. I am here to tell you I will either pay for / create you a new server any size or specs! Or, I will come in to your server and add max credits! My friend purchased many many crystals on my phone for me so maxing out your server or creating one for you is no problem! All I want in return is admin! I don’t cheat, grief, steal, abuse admin, or act disrespectful. I’m 21 and mature and I just love to play! The only reason I ask for admin, well the main reason, is because I’m not just going to hop on 100 servers and max them out lol. If I create your server rather than just hopping on and maxing then you will have console access! Message or reply!

Also I ask that you also put something Lalknv the lines of hosted by King Khyber. I would also like to point out that I have nothing against MGN! The only reason I mentioned them in this post is because I saw someone say what I said above and that is why I started this post! I think what MGN does is great!

Can i have a server? I was thinking of making a server but my 2400 time crystals got deleted.

Sure thing! Information!? Go to create a server and look at the specs and tell me what you want! Mainly just what size?

X16 and the name. Hmm, kingdom quarries.

Alright give me a minute!!! Ill let you know!


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Just ignore this up above my post here.

Sorry it’s taking so long. We have a small problem. If I host using my account I can’t give you console access because you’d have access to my other servers. Either I will need an account to use or I can get on console for you at any time! Which is not a problem for me!

I dont need the console make it passworded. Ill message you what i want for it.

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