Free server making

Could you please have it so making servers is just like it used to be with time crystals? I really want to create a world but cant because I have to pay for it.

Before the 1.7 update Dave wasn’t making money from servers not costing anything. There are people that offer to host a server for you that doesn’t cost. But what I understand for the foreseeable future cloud servers will continue to cost money.

So the servers will continue to cost money? Is there a way to make a server that will use time credits instead?

No there isn’t a way to make a server using time crystals

Oh, alright :), thank you

Nope. There never will be a way to fund servers using time crystals ever again.

Wingysam does free servers.

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It’s not so much about making money. It’s about covering overheads. It costs Dave to host worlds, and pay me to support that hosting. So many people were pirating time crystals that they were spending his money, but he wasn’t getting a return on those costs. Now people pay to have a world they contribute to those costs.

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