Free world credit


Some kids like me are not allowed to have a credit card and can’t add credit to server and make one so i just thought what if milla qould make challanges and events for free credit giveaway twice a month?


it may be unfair for those who do pay and cannot access these events


No, they can also paryicipate



Kids? :thinking:


And also i think adding credit for milla would be free


Try buying an apple or google play gift card.


That doesn’t seem to be the case…


Not to be rude, but you’ve been really mean lately


This is very unfair. Dave has seen zero income increase from the last few updates, and yet he’s kept developing them. That’s many many man hours for him, doing the work to create them, hours of my time put into the CM around it, and NO return in that investment. Think about that, please.




So you mean that if milla adds credit it doesn’t cost money? I guess milla doesn’t have to pay for it, but since she is employed by Majic Jungle it won’t make a lot of difference. :woman_shrugging:


What made you think that 1.8 would be a bug fix update?


Dave answered that




Dev needs to keep the game profitable enough. Simply going through the effort of hosting an event and losing revenue in the process is not exactly practical. If we’re to look at a dev or working forum admin, they would definitely have reason if such an event brings new players, and more income.

But the thing is “challenges” are not events that bring income to the table. This is because only existing players would join it. And will go unnoticed by potential players who don’t know the game, and so are not worth giving free server credit on.

Even if we think up a hypothetical event like, lets say, “Free Server Credit to the guy who invites the most people to download the game” i would say itd be a nightmare to police the rules and determine who has how many scores. Such an event isnt even fun to begin with

In my days, “Free Video Games” have never been a thing. Ideally youd have to ask your parents if you want a new video game. All i’d have to say is if you want something, you’d have to work for it. Even as a kid i tried buttering up my parents to get what i want by getting good grades and doing more house chores. I realize now that i’m older, apparently they like to be proud and have the bragging rights to tell their friends that they have good children.


I said that the next update will probably just be bug fixes, but I never said it would be 1.8. Only major content and functionality update get numbered that way.

@Addheujeind You’re very cynical. He fixed the income problem by making sure the costs we pay would drop to a level where income would be balanced with overheads. He also said nothing that you’re claiming. I did. Please stop trying to make people hate and distrust us. It’s a waste of time, since you’re speculating wildly, and missing the mark time and time again. Unless you can actually prove anything you’re saying it’s unfair to say it, so stop. Criticise us on stuff that is actually true in future.

Back on topic now please.

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