Free world credits!

:smiley: now i would like to give people FREE sever credits and in return i would like a house or something of some sort like wepons/tools on your server. I just bought lots of TC so if any one wants a maxed out sever I’m your man. so if you guys want a NEW PLAYER and free SERVER CREDITS then ill come to your sever.

1.) post the cloud name of your server
2.) post you ign {in game name}[/CENTER]

**send me a PM if you don’t want to share your info

edit.)) All my TC are bought or found legit. Some people think other wise.

Cloud world IPs and ports change each time the world is restarted, and I’m not sure what GC names will do for you. The cloud world name and the in-game name of the owner are the data that remain constant and may be used to search for the world.

The GC is pointless now that I think about it and same with port I’ll change it.

hey there! my server is called: Lazy Days
and my ing is BaconAndSparkles